Phone Wallpaper X

Phone Wallpaper X 1.4

Edit and upload images to your phone

With Phone Wallpaper X you can edit and upload background images to your mobile phone. View full description


  • Streamlined process
  • Easy upload via Bluetooth or USB
  • Save wallpapers in galleries


  • Limited editing

Very good

With Phone Wallpaper X you can edit and upload background images to your mobile phone.

Thanks to an all encompassing interface, creating your mobile wallpapers is a quick, streamlined process. You start off by choosing your image, then edit it, select the size you want, save it in a gallery and upload it to your phone.

Although the editing features are far from advanced, you can choose from a few filters, adjust the quality and size via drag bars and change the color. Phone Wallpaper X also offers five displays to choose from: QVGA, iPhone, 176x220, 240x320 and 320x480. You'll have to check your phone beforehand to choose the right one.

Phone Wallpaper X allows you to create galleries to save your images and have quick access to them. However, the upload process is probably the most straightforward. Check the images you wish to upload from the batch list and press upload. You can either use USB or Bluetooth to send your wallpapers onto your mobile phone.

Although the editing features are limited, Phone Wallpaper X is an intuitive tool to create and upload wallpapers to your mobile phone.


  • * Wallpapers preview for common devices was added (iPhone, iPad, PSP, Nintendo DS);
  • * Updated application icon;
  • * User interface appearance minor changes;
  • * Other minor bug fixes.

Phone Wallpaper X is designed for easy cropping, resizing, editing, organizing and uploading of images to your cellular phone through Bluetooth or USB. You can open pictures in various formats, crop or resize them up to the necessary size. The internal Device Manager will keep all your mobile devices with their characteristics in the list for easy connection and picture uploading.


  • Cropping, resizing and editing of images;
  • Adaptable graphics editor
  • Wallpapers Gallery for images organizing
  • Easy uploading from the Wallpapers Gallery to mobile devices through Bluetooth or USB
  • Export to graphic formats

Phone Wallpaper X


Phone Wallpaper X 1.4